Vehicle Upfitting and Conversions

Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions

There are many types of emergency vehicles with just as many types of missions associated with those vehicles. Even within a sector, there are many different incarnations of vehicles. There are SUV and Utility vehicles which have become very popular lately for Fire & Rescue alike.

Fire and Rescue Conversions

Fire departments all over the united states (and around the world). No matter where the emergency services or fire departments are in the world there are some typical items that are always on the equipment list. Fire Chief Vehicles and Battalion Chief Vehicles both have lights and sirens upfitted on their vehicles that are used for vehicle identification and sending alerts to the surrounding citizens.

SoundOFF Signal Ligst and sirens

  • Emergency Services
  • Amber  DPW
  • School Bus Conversions
  • Government Vehicles


  • nFORCE® LED Lightbar
  • Apex LED Lightbar
  • Pinnacle LED Lightbar
  • More Lightbars
  • Directional / Warning
  • nFORCE® Exterior LED Traffic Controller
  • nFORCE® Interior LED Traffic Controller
  • UltraLITE Exterior LED Warning Bar

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