Camping is a wonderful activity and there are countless benefits to enjoying the great outdoors.

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Camping is an outdoor recreational activity and pastime in which participants camp out in a rural or remote location for recreation.

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The participants may be as part of a movement to challenge the impact of consumerism on the natural environment, belong to a family that sustains itself by outdoor activities, or simply enjoy it as one part of their varied recreational lifestyle.

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Life skills

Camping builds life skills, gives people new perspectives on who they are and what they can do without all the modern conveniences, teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and build their own shelter in nature.

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Good Tent

A good tent is one that will protect you from rain and other elements but still provide good ventilation. It should have a screen door, a fly door, and a zipper door so that you can choose to remain inside the tent or sleep outside of it.


The places in the tent that are most important are the head and foot of your bed. Set up your tent in flat, open areas that have little or no ground cover so as to provide enough space for airflow around your tent. Your tent should always be set up in an area where any flooding or runoff will not cause damage to your home or surrounding areas. Put your tent in areas where there will not be any rocks, sticks, or roots that can damage your tent.Put your tent up at the beginning of the night where it will be the first one to go down in the morning.

Camp Equipment

You should have as much time between going to bed and getting up as possible so that others can get into their tents without waking you up. Use good judgement on whether or not other tents might block your view of the moon and stars at night (they may be blocked by clouds). Make sure that all your camp equipment is clearly labelled, including the location of everything in the tent and on the outside of the tent.


Have someone that you trust in your group watch your belongings for the first half hour after bedtime. Make sure everyone in the group knows the location of the emergency exit in case of an emergency or bear attack.

Already Asked

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask other members of your group to help you with things that you don’t know how to do, but do it after other people have already asked them so they don’t get annoyed with you. When setting up a tent, make sure that you are doing it as quietly as possible. It doesn’t hurt to roll up your sleeping bag and put it away before you put up the tent.


There are many things to consider when setting up a tent. You should always ask the person that is in charge of the area that you are camping in if there are any restrictions. Always do your best to set up the tent correctly, stay safe, and have fun!